Got <10 minutes?

#Hashtag it!


Remember - hashtag #findme2020 for anything you do!  (Bonus if you mention what you did &/or how many minutes)

Share a missing person alert


Social media is a powerful mechanism for finding missing persons - share an alert or news story in your area.

Mention the missing


It's important that as many people as possible know when someone is missing.  Mention it to your friends and family.

Submit a tip


If you think you know something, say something.  Don't worry if you're not sure - it might be nothing, or it might save a life.  Contact a private organization if you're not comfortable contacting the police.

Share photographs


Share photos, or help the family share photos, of the missing person.  An estimated 1 of 6 missing children are found because the child is recognized.

Listen & heed an Amber alert


It only takes a minute to listen to an Amber alert on a missing child and look at the cars and people around you.

Share your sympathy


Having a loved one missing is traumatic and stressful.  Expressions of hope and sympathy, even from strangers, can help.



Consider donating to a reward or a local missing persons organization.

Spread the news!


If someone is found by a volunteer, share the success.  More people will volunteer when they realize how important it is.