~4 hours

Continued 1-hour activities


Most of the ~1 hour activities can be extended for as long as you have time and energy

Search for Silver


Silver Alerts are issued for missing endangered adults, high risk missing people and missing endangered children, often those with a mental or physical disability.  Drive around and keep an eye out.

Join a local search


Check media, Facebook pages, and search organizations to join a local search, especially for endangered subjects, where every second counts.

Keep an eye out running & hiking


It's a sad truth that, in many instances, skeletal remains have been found by hikers, hunters, runners, etc.  Look for things that don't belong - clothing, shiny objects, artificial mounds, etc.

Hand out flyers


Volunteer to post flyers, deliver them door-to-door, attach them to poles, etc.

Check your cameras


If you have surveillance cameras, including personal doorbell cameras, in an area  where someone went missing, check them - they might have picked something up.

Notice the homeless


If volunteering or interacting with the homeless, check to see if you recognize any from local missing persons lists.

Add to missing person databases


Check state / local missing person lists to see if everyone is on NAMUS and The Charley Project and vice versa.  If not, ask the listed coordinator/agency about adding them.